The Paperboy Route Pricing

Pay-Per-Send Plan

This is great if you only send email occasionally. For each campaign you send with more than 5 recipients, you pay a flat delivery fee for the entire campaign plus a few pennies recipient. Here is an example:

UNLIMITED Monthly Plans

Sign up for a low monthly plan and send out UNLIMITED email campaigns each month! This is perfect for anyone who sends at least one campaign a month, and as your subscriber liste grows or shirnks we will adjust your monthly fee automatically.

Standard Features With Every Account

The Paperboy is constructed on the motto, "you get what you pay for". We don't have any hidden additional costs for extra delivery services, reporting services, subscriber management services or data storage services. Our prices are a reflection of the services you will receive and we stand by them. Below are a few essential itmes that are part of every Paperboy Account:

Unlimited Bandwidth
No restriction on the amount of times you can upload or download your content.
Unlimited Online Storage
We will store all of your email templates and images on our online database for free!
Account Reporting
We will notify you of any account changes right away so you won't be left in the dark.
Data Security
We use the latest online software and hardware technology to protect all your data.
No Hidden or Additional Fees
We have no account maintenance fees or basic setup fees involved. All our fees are listed up front.
No Paperboy Branding
We won't make your email ugly by adding our own logo or links. Unless you want us to! :)